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    The Artificial Intelligence composing emotional soundtrack music.
  • AmperMusic
    MUSIC FOR YOUR DEFINING MOMENT Create the right sound. Define your narrative. Drive emotion with Amper AI.
  • Audio Analytic
    Intelligent sound recognition everywhere
  • Flow Machines
    Flow Machines is a research and development and social implementation project that aims to expand the creativity of creators in music.
    Music for focuss, leep, meditation, relaxing, content. Ambient music generators that never end or repeat.
  • I2C8
    Advanced Chord Sequence Generation and Sequence … A different type of idea generator with an innovative layout for chord sequence generation. …
  • Mubert
    Royalty-free music for video creators. Unlimited exclusive content that’s easy to get and safe to use
    Freely customize high quality copyright-free music. AI Music Generator For All Creators.
  • Uberchord
    Learn Guitar. Fast.