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Si segnalano alcune Aziende e Startup

  • IBM
    Soluzioni AI IBM. Affronta sfide attuali e preparati per il futuro grazie
    all’integrazione con soluzioni AI. Scopri come IBM può
    integrare la strategia di infrastruttura e dati con soluzioni AI. Paragona
    problemi di dati. Implementa strategia AI. Organizza i dati. Verifica
    applicazioni AI.
  • Microsoft Azure
    Un’intelligenza artificiale matura elabora le nuove
    informazioni in modo estremamente rapido e accurato e risulta quindi utile
    per scenari complessi, tra cui le …
  • Google Cloud
    Soluzioni di AI e machine learning. Sfrutta al massimo l’intelligenza
     di Google affinché la tua azienda
    possa operare in modo piĂą rapido ed efficiente, trovando al contempo
    nuove …
    Amazon Web Services. L’intelligenza artificiale (AI)
    è un campo delle scienze informatiche dedicato alla risoluzione di
    problemi cognitivi comunemente associati all’intelligenza umana, …
  • Facebook AI
    We’re connecting people to what they care about, powering new, meaningful
    experiences, and advancing the state-of-the-art through open research
    Machine Learning Platform For AI: Data Mining & Analysis. All of these components are tested on Alibaba Group internal services and provide high stability and high performance. Powerful Computing Capability The …
    Insight basati su dati in tempo reale e AI al servizio di persone,
    processi e decisioni. AI su scala: dati in tempo reale per persone,
    processi e decisioni. AI & Data.


  • Abnormal Security
    The Only Integrated Email Security Solution You Will Ever Need For Your Cloud Office.
    Driving the Future of Safe Autonomy. AEye creates high-performance, active, AI- driven LiDAR systems for vehicle autonomy, advanced driver-assistance, and …‎
  • Affectiva
    Humanizing Technology. HOW IT WORKS. Using computer vision, speech analytics, deep learning and a lot of data, we analyze human states in context · AUTOMOTIVE AI
  • Aira
    What we do. Our assistive service blends wearables technology, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. Aira empowers a network of trained, professional …
  • Aisera
    Fast tracks the digital transformation journey with user and service behavioral intelligence that drives end-to-end automation of tasks, actions, and business …
  • Algorithmia 
    Provides the fastest time to value for enterprise machine learning. Rapidly deploy, serve, and manage machine learning models at scale. Machine  …
  • Amp Robotics
    Ensuring Recyclables Are Recycled. AMP’s pioneering AI platform, AMP Neuron ™, applies computer vision to process millions of images to map complex …
  • Anduril Industries
    Artificial intelligence. At the core of all our products is Lattice, an AI software backbone that uses sensor fusion, machine learning, and mesh networking to …
  • Anduril Industries
    At the core of all our products is Lattice, an AI software backbone that uses sensor fusion, machine learning, and mesh networking to …
  • Anyscale
    From the creators of Ray, Anyscale is a framework for building machine learning applications at any scale originating from the UC Berkeley RISELab.
  • Asapp
    Is one of the few companies advancing research and development in artificial intelligence and its application for customer experience.
  • Atomwise
    Better medicines faster. Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery. We develop AI to help our partners overcome the challenges of drug discovery. Our discoveries help create better …
  • Aurora Innovation
    …a broad array of engineering disciplines from artificial intelligence and machine learning, to electrical, mechanical, and optical engineering.
  • BigPanda 
    Event Correlation and Automation platform, powered by AIOps, helps IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams prevent …
  • Biofourmis
    Personally Predictive Care. A digital therapeutics company, is rolling out an artificial intelligence- driven remote monitoring solution nationally. The solution, Biovitals.
  • Blue Hexagon
    A leading agentless cloud-native AI platform, is one of the two cybersecurity companies to be named in the AI 100 ranking two …
  • Bossa Nova Robotics
    With a multidisciplinary team of robotics, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and big data scientists, Bossa Nova has solved the challenges to deploy fully …
  • Brain Corp
    Founded in 2009, Brain Corp is a San Diego-based software technology company specializing in the development of intelligent autonomous systems. The  …
  • Bright Machines
    Enabling you to build better. By integrating computer vision, machine learning, and 3D simulation with adaptive robotics, we can dramatically improve the scalability, flexibility…
  • Cerebras Systems
    Cerebras Systems, the pioneer in high performance artificial intelligence (AI) compute, and EPCC, the supercomputing centre at the …
  • Cresta
    The Business of Artificial Intelligence. Each one catalyzed waves of complementary innovations and opportunities. The internal combustion engine, for example, gave rise to cars, trucks, airplanes, …
  • Dataiku
    Cities Get Smart with Artificial Intelligence. Today more than half of the world’s population lives currently in the urban areas, and this number should rise to two thirds by 2050. Rapid urbanization cause .
  • Dataminr
    Real-time AI for Event and Risk Detection. Dataminr’s real-time AI platform detects the earliest signals of high-impact events and emerging risks from within publicly available data.
  • Datarobot
    Enterprise AI. DataRobot is the leading end-to-end enterprise AI platform that automates and accelerates every step of your path from data to value. Request a Demo · Start Free …
  • Deep 6 AI
    Applies artificial intelligence to medical records to find more, better- matching patients for clinical trials in minutes, rather than months. HOW IT WORKS.
  • DeepMap
    Provides the world’s best high-definition mapping solutions and delivers the technology necessary for self-driving vehicles to navigate in a complex …
  • DefinedCrowd
    Is a leading AI training data company. Learn why more brands trust our training data to deploy and scale AI projects quickly.
  • Drishti
    Creates streams of data from manual activities on assembly lines, enabling true continuous improvement of human performance—at scale.
  • Doxel
    Software that inspects quality and tracks progress on your construction site so you can react in minutes, not months.
  • Drift
    Today’s AI chatbots can do it all, from helping you order a pizza, to guiding you through a complex B2B sales process. But different kinds of artificial intelligence …
  • Domino Data Lab
    Unleash data science. Domino’s enterprise MLOps platform accelerates research, speeds model deployment, and increases collaboration for code-first data science teams at scale.
  • Embark Trucks
    Hauling HP printers as it grows autonomous …
  • ExtraHop
    Artificial Intelligence: A Relative Reality. In this SC Solutions tech research report, experts differentiate ML from AI and alert you to areas where AI can improve.
  • Fiddler Labs
    Founded in October 2018, Fiddler Labs‘ mission is to enable businesses of all … Explainable AI, MLOps, ML Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, …
  • Fundbox
    Our blog features articles to help businesses navigate the evolving technologies such as high-tech equipment, artificial intelligence, and emerging software.
  • Genesis Therapeutics
    Unifying AI and … Specialties: Deep Learning, Drug Discovery, Artificial Intelligence, and Drug Development …
  • Ghost
    The trick is… we are currently in stealth mode, building a B2B platform at the intersection of machine learning and capital efficiency.
  • Gong
    Uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze unstructured data to help B2B sales teams win more deals by recognizing effective patterns …
  • Hippo Insurance
    By implementing artificial intelligence technology and partnering with aerial imagery providers, we leverage unique data sources to monitor the …
  • Hivemapper
    A team that loves maps. We are a team of mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, and designers working to create a decentralized mapping network. Our …
  • Icertis
    Artificial Intelligence Brings Contract Management to Life. The Icertis VisualizeAI application enables users to quickly find and load a large volume of contract data, navigate complex relationships and …
  • Insitro
    True Collaboration Across Disciplines. Our team integrates the languages of biology and machine learning. insitro scientists, engineers, and drug hunters work …
  • K Health
    Press, News, & Media Center. Get the latest news, the first medical app that uses AI to deliver telehealth better, faster, and more affordable.
  • Karius
    Test is a blood test based on next-generation sequencing of microbial cell-free DNA. It can identify and quantify over 1,000 clinically relevant …
  • Kodiak Robotics
    Kodiak has built the most advanced autonomous technology for long-haul trucking. We’re currently moving goods in Texas using our self-driving fleet.
  • Krisp Technologies
    Useful Audio AI Software You are Missing Out On. Speechkit uses artificial intelligence to turn written text into audio that people can listen to, …
  • Lemonade
    AI Eats Insurance. True, insurers still have some of the finest human statisticians, but the finest statisticians of all are no longer human. That’s where artificial intelligence comes in.
  • Lilt
    Is an enterprise language translation platform that builds AI-powered software & provides expert international language translation services.
    Matterport’s Cortex artificial intelligence is a deep learning neural network that creates robust 3D spatial data from a wide variety of capture devices including …
  • Moveworks
    Instant help at workhttps. Is the conversational AI platform that delivers instant help at work. When employees need support, Moveworks provides the solution.
    Noodling on AI. Deep Probabilistic Decision Learning Returns Perfect Flow to Operations · Perfect Flow: Augmented Intelligence and the Elimination of …
  • Nuro
    On a mission to better everyday life through robotics … Less driving. More thriving. Nuro autonomous, zero-occupant delivery vehicles are making more possible—today.
  • Observe.AI
    Automation does not equal artificial intelligence. To get the real business value of AI,. Insights. Making AI actionable: it’s about going beyond rules to real …
  • PathAI
    Pathology Transformed. AI-Powered technology built to transform drug development and diagnosis.
    The Power of B2B Artificial Intelligence. The power of B2B artificial intelligence and the emergence of science in B2B sales: why I joined
    Armed with the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, we aim to deliver autonomous mobility everywhere. Team Spirit. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • Pymetrics 
    Gamified soft skills assessments leverage behavioral science and AI technology to help companies build diverse, effective, innovative teams.
  • Recursion
    Recursion is a digital biology company industrializing drug discovery. Recursion does this by combining automation, artificial intelligence, …
    Convert Audio & Video To Text. Humans Working Side By Side With The Best Speech-to-Text AI
  • Rulai 
    Automatically identifies use cases, generates training data, acquires knowledge, streamlines workflows, and detects issues. Combined with our no- code …
  • SafeGraph
    If we want to massively accelerate artificial intelligence and improve human lives, we need to democratize access to data. This post was …
  • Scale
    Help establish the firm’s San Francisco office. He invests primarily in artificial intelligence, infrastructure, and open-source …
  • Scale AI
    The hub of Canada’s AI ecosystem, offering funding, expert guidance and a community of like-minded peers for artificial intelligence projects and training.
  • SentinelOne
    Artificial Intelligence: Your Digital Sentinel. Artificial intelligence has become the standard for high-quality endpoint threat detection and response. Learn more about SentinalOne’s AI …
  • Shield AI
    AI co-founder and former Navy SEAL, Brandon Tseng shares some … companies that are using artificial intelligence in ways that are fundamental to their …
  • SigOpt
    Black-box optimization that efficiently optimizes any machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, simulation, or other model of your choosing …
  • Synack
    They had a shared vision to revolutionize cybersecurity by combining human intelligence and artificial intelligence to create a scalable, effective security solution …
  • Socure
    Digital Identity Verification & Fraud Detection Services. ID+ supports automated machine-learning identity fraud risk management, as well as data-centric Know Your Customer (KYC) and Global Watchlist …
  • Suki 
    Is an AI-powered, voice-enabled digital assistant for doctors. Our AI driven medical dictation software saves time and money and lets you focus on the …
  • Scale AI
    The Data Platform for AI. Scale’s mission is to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence. We do this by providing a data-centric, end-to-end solution to manage the entire ML …
  • Standard Cognition
    AI-Powered Autonomous Checkout. Enabling autonomous checkout for brick & mortar retailers with our modern AI-powered computer vision platform. Just grab and go!
  • Tamr
    Enterprise Data Mastering at Scale. The only cloud-native data mastering solution (cloud MDM) accelerate analytics through machine learning (ML), available on Google Cloud, Azure and AWS.
  • Textio 
    Named to Forbes AI 50: America’s Most Promising Artificial Intelligence … Textio took home the top prize in the “Best Use of Machine Learning” category.
    The World’s Weather Intelligence Platform. Weather. Learn about our data modeling, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and proprietary forecast engine called 1 Forecast. Learn more.
  • TuSimple
    Was founded in San Diego in 2015 with a mission to improve the safety and efficiency of the trucking industry. We are solving the trucking industry’s most …
  • twoXAR
    Aria Pharmaceuticals is a preclinical-stage pharmaceutical company discovering and developing novel small molecule therapies for complex and hard-to-treat …
  • Ubiquity6 
    Capture & Edit Reality.
  • UiPath
    By themselves, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) are two of the most transformative technologies the world has ever known.
  • Unity Technologies
    Unveils Machine Learning Agents; Turns Unity Creation Engine Into Artificial Intelligence Powerhouse. Unity’s New AI Toolkit Beta Enables …
  • Upstart
    Is a leading artificial intelligence (AI) lending platform designed to improve access to affordable credit while reducing the risk and costs of lending for our …
  • Uptake
    Element Partner to Provide Artificial Intelligence (AI). Is a leading provider of artificial intelligence and IoT software for industrial companies. We combine data analytics and machine learning …
  • Verkada
    Security Cameras that Learn. We founded Verkada on the basis of a big bet and a discovery. First, the big bet: artificial intelligence is about to change the world. After decades of research and  …
  • Vise
    The future of investment management â–Ž Vise is a technology-powered investment manager that provides financial advisors with customized and intelligent investment solutions to help their clients achieve their goals.
    Uses artificial intelligence to synchronize stroke care, reducing systemic delays that stand between patients and life-saving treatments. It’s an innovative …
  • Zebrium
    Continually scans for incident root cause reports (patterns of correlated anomalies across your logs), allowing engineers can use these reports to improve …